This work in progress is based on the Section 2 (titled: Terminal Hacker) coursework of Ben Tristem's "Complete Unity Developer 2.0".  

This is a very rudimentary minigame designed to provide a gentle introduction to the Unity IDE.  While it is based on the coursework, please note that I've done many things to polish this which aren't introduced at this stage of the course (In other words, if you're also doing the course, please don't be discouraged by this demo... You'll be doing as well or better before you know it, as long as you keep working at it every week!

The game should hopefully be quite self-explanatory. For fun, it does have a "backdoor". Pay attention as the game loads for clues.

Published Oct 30, 2017
StatusOn hold
AuthorJack Draak
Tagsanagram, flashback, minigames, Retro, wordgame

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